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Montana Bucky Bears was established in 1994.

So what do you do for your mother-in-law who has it all? After searching high and low and coming up empty handed, I turned my creative side loose and came up with the cutest, cuddliest, creations that soon took over and evolved into “Montana Bucky Bears.”

What started as a labor of love continues to be a labor of love to this very day. Each adorable bear is hand-stitched with tender loving care that is clearly visible and shows up as individuality, personality, and character in my babies.

I took this great idea one step further by turning old mink coats into soft beautiful bears. A new tradition had been started. Do you have Grandma’s mink coat hanging in your closet wondering what to do with it because it doesn’t fit, not your style? You would never think of wearing it anywhere. What about turning it into a bear that will be treasured, snuggled and enjoyed in a fun and useful way? You just passed down your first heirloom. No mink coat to pass down, “No problem.” I have made bears out of deerskin, moose, elk, fox, beaver, horse, black bear, buffalo, mutton, Scotland sheep, and coyote. I also work with other synthetic material such as wool, cotton, fleece and faux furs.

There are several patterns to choose from that are unique and hand drawn by me, Penny Ray. This one of a kind craftsmanship cannot be found in any store. I labor meticulously over each bear for approximately 30-40 hours while bringing him/her to life. You can choose to have your bear with movable joints or not. You can choose to have your bear made with a growler inside. Most all the bears are firmly stuffed to the max and completely lined. The Edith Pattern is stuffed a little softer. There are many patterns and sizes to choose from.

Each bear comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated by Penny Ray. It will include what the bear is made of, products used and specific description of your bear. A message or meaningful stories will be included in the certificate; how she came into  the material the bear is made of, where and when she wore her mink, when she received it, etc. (Example: “My grandmother was a teacher at an elementary school and she wore her mink coat out on the playground at recess with the kids. She said it was so warm, and couldn’t see any reason not to wear it. ”Another story:“ Grandma shot a moose. She said, “The snow was so deep it never fell down and decided to tan its hide.”)

I will customize each bear with accessories that match their personality or the story that has been given. Sometime the person having the bear made has a special memory or special item that they want included with the bear. Most anything can be done. Each bear will have its own feel to it that says, “Here I am, love me.” Whether you’re in the market for that special gift or want to start a new family tradition by passing on an heirloom, I’ve got you covered.

My love for art turns into many projects; paper Mache’ bear containers, leather handbags, bear ornaments, leather pillows, wire wrapped horses, drawings (pencil, pen and ink, water color, oils), and making jewelry.

I’ve lived in Libby, Montana for 33 years, married for 43 years and have two wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren. Our home on five acres has given me the roots that I need for family and friends. I love to make people laugh and I love to laugh myself. I’ve raised two beautiful buckskin horses and still ride to this day in the beautiful mountains of Montana. My art is to document family history and or memories spent with friends.

I love life!
Penny Ray, Montana Bucky Bears, Libby, Montana

The cost of each bear may vary in price due to the different types of hide/fur used. A flat rate of $350.00 is charged plus materials, shipping and handling.

Call for an estimate and give specifics as to which pattern, size, fur/hide you may want to use. Colors may vary from what is shown. Hides and furs are never perfect but the best quality is always utilized for each bear.

If you would like to turn Grandma’s mink coat into an heirloom teddy bear to pass down through the family, call and give a little history/story that is unique to your family. This will be included in the Certificate of Authenticity. You will get to name your bear and have an accessory (if available) that will be unique to creating personality and memories of your loved one. You will need to ship grandma’s coat to me along with the story as to when, where, and how you or she acquired the coat and maybe what she did while wearing it.

Each bear is guaranteed for workmanship. When hides are tanned there could be imperfections in the color or flaws that can be worked around. I will utilize the best parts to create your teddy bear’s unique one of a kind look.

These are special order collector bears and may not be items for small children.

CARE: Hides and furs have to be kept free from moisture, direct sunlight, and heat. Your hide has to breathe. You will need to take special care when cleaning. (Mink, coyote, bear, beaver, wolf, etc. can be lightly sprayed with Windex to bring back the shine and remove dust). For leathers, seek professional advice. Beware of over the counter sprays for cleaning, they may dry, rot or change the color of your bear.

Call Penny Ray for pricing and specifics:
Home: (406) 293-6922
Cell: (406) 249-1710

The patterns #’s 1-5 are available to create your lovely bear. The pictures are to show the different types of furs used for each pattern. Each bear is a one of a kind, no two are exactly alike even when using the same fur or pattern. Each bear has its own personality.
Personal checks accepted. Once your check has cleared the bank, your bear will be shipped. Please Allow at least 4 weeks for bear completion from the order date.
Coming soon: Credit Card Acceptance via PAY PAL

Thank you,
Penny Ray

Montana Bucky Bears N' Stuff